Emily Frith for Lewisham East

Emily is passionate about equality for mental health care. She has worked for charities in education, mental health and social exclusion.

She also worked on mental health reforms in Government, including on a £1.4 billion investment programme for children’s mental health.

Emily lives in Lewisham and has been working to improve local transport links. She has recently lobbied for more train services in our area as well as extending the Bakerloo line to Catford.

Emily and the Liberal Democrats campaigned for the one-hour bus fare which has now been introduced as the ‘Hopper Fare’. She is also calling for safer roads for pedestrians and cyclists including safer cycle routes in the borough.

Emily feels let down that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party voted with Theresa May on Brexit and that Labour have given up on staying in the Single Market in their manifesto.

The Liberal Democrats want you to have your choice over your future. Emily believes you should have your say on the Brexit deal in a referendum with the option to remain.

Email: contactemilyfrith@gmail.com | Twitter: @Emily4LewE

A quick glance at some of our policies:

We’re the only party fighting to stay in the Single Market.

We have an honest policy of putting a penny on income tax to raise the money we need to save our NHS and Social Care system.

If developers won’t build the homes we need, then we will.

It’s the right thing to do.

We’re pledging to invest £7 billion into children’s education.

Somebody will have to decide whether the final deal is good enough. We think it should be you.

Sound good to you? Vote Liberal Democrats on 8th June.

P.S.  The Tories have no chance of winning here, so you can vote with your heart!