Bobby Dean for Lewisham Deptford

Bobby first arrived in the area as a student at Goldsmiths in New Cross. His dad a scaffolder and mum a cleaner, he was the first in his family to make it to University.

After nine years in the area, he’s now living in Lewisham and is passionate about standing up for the whole community. Bobby thinks we need more politicians who have real life experience of the tough issues.

As a member of ‘Generation Rent’, Bobby has campaigned for better rights for renters and more affordable homes.

Bobby spoke up for Millwall Football Club when threatened by Labour-run Lewisham Council.

He works for a charity helping young people in Africa and Asia and believes in a Britain that is open, tolerant and united with the world.

Bobby feels let down that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party voted with Theresa May on Brexit and that Labour have given up on staying in the Single Market in their manifesto.

The Liberal Democrats want you to have your choice over your future. Bobby believes you should have your say on the Brexit deal in a referendum with the option to remain.

He wants to stand up for you and has hope that, in this election, we can change Britain’s future.

Email: | Twitter: @Bobby_Dean

A quick glance at some of our policies:

We’re the only party fighting to stay in the Single Market.

We have an honest policy of putting a penny on income tax to raise the money we need to save our NHS and Social Care system.

If developers won’t build the homes we need, then we will.

It’s the right thing to do.

We’re pledging to invest £7 billion into children’s education.

Somebody will have to decide whether the final deal is good enough. We think it should be you.

Sound good to you? Vote Liberal Democrats on 8th June.

P.S.  The Tories have no chance of winning here, so you can vote with your heart!